by Ken Lane

Breonna Taylor was NOT shot while sleeping in her bed; she was awake, in her hallway.

She was NOT an EMT at the time of her death; she was fired in 2017 because a dead body was found in a car rented under her name; the victim was an “associate” of her drug dealing boyfriend.

Even though a “no-knock” warrant WAS issued, the officers DID knock. Her neighbors testified under oath, that the police
announced themselves BEFORE trying to enter her apartment.

Her boyfriend shot a cop, BEFORE police fired their first round.

She was STILL aiding and abetting her previous boyfriend’s drug dealing operation; she and her car were surveilled delivering drugs to his “trap house” on numerous occasions. She was STILL stashing his drug money at her house.

Her address was on record as being his current address on bank records. Her ex-boyfriend blamed her at-the-time boyfriend for her death, NOT the police.

For the uneducated and willfully ignorant: It was NOT the DA who determined the police officers should not be indicted, it was a GRAND JURY, the most impartial of all arbiters.

Her address and vehicle WERE on the warrant.

The Left and media HAVE been lying to you! It’s unfortunate that she was shot and died, but the police did NOTHING wrong. If people want to BLM(Burn, Loot, Murder) over the grand jury’s decision, apply the law to THEM.

Breonna was involved with, and profiting from drug trafficking. Blame her or her boyfriend  for her death, NOT the police.

Or you can raise yet another criminal to idol status and burn a business in her honor.