Resolute Patriots Must Save America
I despise a good many of President Trump’s bills that have come down the pike over the past two years. I also love many actions he has taken. He’s not perfect. He’s not the end all be all and he sure isn’t restoring America.
He’s one man who has had a hundred thousand enemies within the palace guard so to speak and enemies all about, here in our country and abroad too, trying to bring him and America down. He’s doing the best he can, as best he knows how, and I’ll give him that.
I simply know that President Trump is not a conservative. He’s not governing as a conservative, and how anyone could look at the bills he has advocated and signed and somehow call him a “conservative” is beyond me, and can only suggest they never cracked a book on political philosophy or even know the definition of “conservative.”
Too often, President Trump’s rhetoric has not matched his actions.
I’m for strict control of the nation’s borders and frankly for reduced immigration. President Trump started off well on this issue, but dropped the ball early on, thanks to the RINO obstructionist, Speaker Paul Ryan. Too often the President strays from his sparks of brilliance and allows some advisor to dissuade him and move him off course, just as his son-in-law, Jared Kushner and his daughter Ivanka have done on several occasions, especially concerning DACA and H1B1 visas.
Globalism is supposedly winding down under President Trump’s, and his drive to produce more of what we need here in America is in step with that reality, however, the United States -Mexico- Canada Agreement is a massive failure in that regard. It is chock full of socialist edicts and United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 mandates, as well as ratifying several treaties that were previously rejected because they undermine U.S. sovereignty.
President Trump has been careful to avoid new foreign misadventures, even though the military establishment and their pals in the war industries have obstructed the president’s will to quit the old adventures initiated in retaliation for 9/11, still being prosecuted in places across the Middle East and West Asia. I suspect Trump might have accomplished more in the nation’s interest if he hadn’t been hounded, harried, and sabotaged by the ceaseless bad faith hostilities, numerous criminal acts and treason of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Joe Biden, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan and thousands of Marxist Democratic Party holdovers in the federal government and many other opponents since Nov. 8, 2016, including the corrupt, devious, manipulative Lying-Ass Media.
With that said, anyone voting for President Trump won’t be wrong, for whatever the reason You decide. You won’t be right either. But once again, you will be voting for the lesser of two evils, something Americans have become all too comfortable in doing over the past six decades [century ?].
There’s a great deal more to fear about the prospect of Democratic Party control of government. Their enmity to free speech cannot be doubted after a decade of promoting cancel culture. Their appetite for coercion is at odds with the Bill of Rights. Their bad faith and dishonesty have been on display through all the concocted melodramas of RussiaGate and its offshoots. Their economic program is a collage of all the failed central planning regimes from the bygone 20th century, from Marx to Stalin and on to Mao and Maduro, and it is wholly inconsistent with the new imperatives to downscale and re-localize the real productive activities of daily life in this America.
I’m not confident President Trump will properly guide and manage America’s financial quandaries, in the years ahead, especially since his administration’s actions have added a new mountain of epic new debt. However, there’s plenty of evidence that the Democratic Party would do a lot worse in terms of spending money that doesn’t exist and destroying what’s left of the country’s productive capacity, along with what remains of the middle class. I believe anybody who has managed to stay sane through the travails of the past four years cannot fail to see that the clinically incompetent Joe Biden is an obvious stalking horse for something more sinister. I think we will learn what that is before much longer.
In the meantime, President Trump will not save America.
A President Biden — God Forbid — sure as Hell will not save America.
Even Congress has proven to be a sad excuse of a defender of the Constitution, borders, language, the economy, our culture, traditional America and Her republic, and freedom and liberty, in general and in too many specific instances to mention. And don’t get me started on an out-of control Supreme Court, who seeks to unite the power of all three branches of government under its Black Robed Tyranny.
America is facing an insurrection. Her enemy rejects Her Founding and the Constitution. Her enemy are those who are “American” in name only, and either the governments of this land side with those of Us who still love America or them; and any government entity siding with them must too be recognized as an enemy of America, to be treated as such, disbanded and destroyed, whether it’s in Oregon, California, New York, Washington, or the District of Columbia, whose mayor has embraced the Communists of Black Lives Matter.
Only a determined, resolute people — patriotic Americans — leading the fight against the incessant drive to trample on their inalienable rights will come even remotely close to taking back America for ‘We the People’. Only the remaining hard men of honor and integrity willing to do the necessary hard things to ensure freedom and liberty will be America’s salvation in the end, as they take the fight to the city halls, state legislatures, Congress and into our streets. And if some resolution of differences and the closing of a massive divide between this nation’s anti-American communists and Free Born Americans cannot be reached, it will fall to the nation’s patriots to drown these communists in rivers of their own blood.