Well it’s election year again, and this reminded me of a movie I commented on last election year, aptly enough titled “Election Year.” At the time I noted that the film, if read as social commentary, was using an extreme “overkill” method in its depiction of “artificially generated strife and violence” as well as “subtle methods to faze out portions of the lower middle class and poor,” etc.etc.

Well having read the usual tech augmented morning news today, I feel that if anything it was understated. I give it to you now, four years later, just as it appeared in 2016 :

The Purge Election Year

Every now and then I find a statement, whether in a book or film that makes me outright want to cheer. Watching the latest offering from the “Purge” series was one of those times. 

I believe shock value, when used effectively, can really get the job done in point making. This horrific film does just that.

The film really needs to be watched cold but I will comment that it very well relates to every serious problem we, as a country, have been experiencing these last years: Government overeach, class warfare, political correctness,
economic slavery, artificially generated strife and violence, misuse of religious and moral concepts by those with negative agendas and much more.

While the people who have been behind the dirty work in our present climate quite often have used much more subtle methods to accomplish the same ends of fazing out the population of the “inferior and unproductive lower middle class and poor.”

The dramatic and incredibly violent methods portrayed here are quite literally an “overkill” in making the point. It doesn’t take long at all to see how sociopathic behavior in a ruling or decadent wealthy class applies itself.

We need slaps in the face like this to awaken us from perhaps a bit too much of the smog particles the big planes dust on us daily while our would be leaders keep their mouths tightly shut about such obvious issues. Likewise not a word about the people who have been paid to spy on us daily though it is strictly a violation of our Constitution. 

It would be nice if we could actually have a champion like one of the presidential candidates in the film is shown to be. Perhaps what we can conceptualize can  become a reality. We can only hope and pray and act…

In this year (2020) I heartily agree with myself on the last word, especially “Act.”