Letter to the Editor:

First, it proves that the average voter is not happy with the leadership or goals of Democrats Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi.

Second, it proves that Democrats in Congress who want to win re-election in 2022 need to start not cooperating with these Democrat leaders in order to impress voters that they are not “lap dogs” for Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi.

Third, it proves that Democrats in both houses of Congress should consider changing leaders NOW.  Joe Manchin has proven that he has a much better understanding of what the average voter expects and wants from Democrats.  So, Manchin should replace Schumer as leader of the Democrats in the Senate as soon as possible.  Nancy Pelosi should be replaced by any Democrat who has some common sense and does not support the hate mongers in the Democratic Party such as those in “The Squad”.

Woodrow Wilcox, Dyer, Indiana

(Former elected Democratic Party precinct committeeman and former elected Democratic Party state convention delegate.)