Anyone who remembers the film “Tough Guys” with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas remembers the tale of two released bank robbers making do in the modern world.

Great scene examples are where they single handedly disburse a whole street gang and later when attempting to steal an armored car with only a roll of quarters in it they are described on the radio. “The two men moved with such speed and agility the police finally decided they were actually a couple of young men disguised as senior citizens.”

Enough said.

As a teenager in the 60s, I remember when the Rolling Stones got their start. They weren’t quite like anything we had seen in rock and roll. They were like really smart street kids, street kids who knew where they were going. We have to admit, they proved it.

Well, here we are, nearly 60 years later and it’s still possible to go to a Stones concert and see the group perform for two hours non-stop with something that looks very much like the same energy they started with.

We could ask “How can this be?” but sometimes it’s better not to overthink things but just count our blessings.

It goes without saying that the Stones don’t need to do what they do for money. They’ve had plenty for a very long time. They do it because it’s what they do. And they do it very well. Just study the looks on the audience which now spans generations. Pure joy. Excitement, fun.

When Mick Jagger takes the stage next time, for the first time after his heart surgery there will be cheers that outdo the loudest cheers of years past. (Mark my words on that.) And why? Because it isn’t just the Stones we cheer, it’s ourselves. We cheer our own resilience. Our ability to keep getting up and going, to not give up.

And most of all to cherish our dreams which always produce the very best in us. To never stop making those best things happen as long as there’s breath in our bodies.

I’ll cheer for that. God bless the Rolling Stones. They show us what we’re made of.

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