by David Virts

Scripture Text: Psalm 115: 9-11 Title: Complete Trust!

Question of the Day: What does it mean to have complete trust in the LORD?

From our first days in the Christian life we are told that we must learn to trust in the LORD with all of our heart and not to lean on our own understanding. It never dawns on the new believer for many years how much of his new life in Christ is built around his faith and trust in the LORD. We learn quickly that it was by faith that we were saved through grace. From there we are staggered at the many things that a believer must accept, not by what he can see, but simply by faith: we can’t see salvation, yet we believe; we can’t see God’s angelic hosts protecting us, yet we know we are being watched and shielded from evil and disaster every day; we can’t see heaven and all its glories and the many loved ones who have died and gone there, yet we firmly believe that one day we will see the Lord in all of His glory and be reunited with family and friends who have died; and we can’t see the help that comes in our time of need, but it is always there—just in the nick of time!

In this psalm the writer has just chronicled how we can give glory to the great God that we serve. His steadfast love hangs on to us every day, and His faithfulness proves to us that He will always be with us constantly throughout the rest of our lives here on earth and for eternity. Then he deals with a contrast between our God, the One who is firmly seated in the heavenlies, and the “gods” of this world—the things that they trust in that are helpless and useless. Then the psalmist puts this challenge to the people of his day: “O Israel, put your trust in the LORD! He alone is the One who helps them and He is a constant shield around them. O descendants of Aaron, trust fully in the LORD! He alone is the One who helps them and is a shield around them. All of you who have a reverential fear of the LORD, trust fully in the LORD! He alone is the One who helps you and is a shield around you.”

As we wrestle with learning to trust the LORD more and more each day of our lives, we can learn how to trust Him more from these verses: The whole nation of Israel was to put their trust in the LORD. This tells us that the whole nation of Israel was to be an example to the rest of the world on how to worship and trust in the LORD, the God of Jacob.

“The house of Aaron” refers to all of those who were the religious leaders, the clergy, of that day. They were to lead the rest of the nation in following the LORD and their primary purpose was to teach everyone everywhere to trust in the LORD.

“All you who fear the LORD” refers to all who were true believers. Today we would say all who have been truly born again must learn to trust in the LORD.

If all the people in any nation were to put their trust fully in the LORD, things in that nation would be remarkably different. If all the clergy in any nation were to put their trust fully in the LORD, things in that nation would be remarkably different. And if all believers, those who take the Word of God seriously and all who truly fear the LORD, were to trust fully in the LORD, the whole world would be a different place to live.

The psalmist then pointed out to each group in his nation two main things for which we must learn to trust in the LORD: We must learn to call out to Him for help. For how many things do we struggle through each day instead of crying out to the LORD? We tend to “lean on our own understanding”, and so we muddle through the day. Every day we need wisdom, direction, seeking Him for what to do and how to handle each situation. The direction of our lives could be focused on “things above and not on things of the earth”. If we learned to trust Him in every detail of our lives, how much smoother would our days be?

As we go through each day, we are aware often that we are under attack: we live in a hostile world; we are destined for a world beyond what we can see; we have unseen forces trying to disrupt and destroy anything we try to do for God; the world wants us to go their way and see things their way and do things the way they think things should be done; and so we need a safe place of protection. The psalmist pointed out to us that the LORD alone is our shield, our protector, our refuge, our fortress, our deliverer, our rock, and the only place where we can have peace and safety. So what is the answer? We must learn to trust in the LORD each day and each step of the way—that is our only recipe for survival in this life!

Prayer: O God, our complete trust is in You and in You alone! Teach us to trust in You in every phase of our lives and in each day that we live. We know that we need Your help every moment and we need Your protection from the hostile forces that we face in this life. We trust in You—completely! Amen!

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