Weekly Devotional by David Virts

Scripture Text: Various Scripture Passages Title: Baby Messiah

Question of the Day: What must it have been like for Jesus to come as the Messiah Baby?

Title: “IAM” came as Your Messiah

In eternity past Almighty God decided to create mankind on planet earth, and when those men rebelled, it was already decided that IAM would come to rescue them from certain eternal damnation. It was then decided that IAM would come to earth as a Baby Messiah. This is how the plan unfolded.

A certain young virgin would be given the privilege of becoming pregnant without her male counterpart, and this conception would be administered by the Holy Spirit of God. So IAM, the Baby Messiah became a man. We can only imagine Mary and her relative Elizabeth trying to piece together the fact that IAM, the Creator of the Universe was actually in the womb of His creation.

Imagine Mary patting her tummy and thinking, “Here is the Creator of the Universe, the IAM, the Baby Messiah living inside me!” She must have felt every move and the excitement grew as the Baby grew. However the day must come that she would face her espoused husband and try to explain to him the details of what was happening to her and in her. Yet the provision was already made for that event as the angel came and informed Joseph in a dream that “all is OK” and to go ahead and marry Mary and help her bring this Child to birth.

Then came that awful decree from Caesar Augustus that everyone must return to their home town for a special tax and registration, so we packed up—even though Mary was nearly nine months pregnant—and made the journey to Bethlehem since both of their family connections came from Bethlehem. When they arrived in that small insignificant village, they discovered that there was no room for them to stay in the local inn, so they made do in a stable.

What a trip, and on top of that the place was crowded with other guests, and the Baby Messiah came in the middle of the night. The only place to sleep was in a stable, so IAM came and the Baby Jesus, and was born. Boy was that night ever a different night: first IAM came, and then the angelic hosts were heard heralding that announcement to some shepherds on a hillside; the shepherds then came to see the newborn King and when they left they told everyone around and the word spread fast; and what they found out later is that IAM was the only Child born ever who created Himself!

It seems that quite a stir was made when IAM came, and to everyone’s surprise, IAM came as a baby. To the rest of mankind it seemed strange that God could come as a Baby, but then IAM does things that mortal man cannot even imagine doing, but even at birth, IAM made quite a stir and remain to this day stirring the hearts of people as they celebrate IAM’s birth at Christmas.

A Christmas Prayer: Thanks goes up from every true believer of all time that one day the Baby Messiah came to save mankind from their sins and to conquer death and give them the unspeakable gift of eternal life! Amen!