I no longer can support the idea this virus is the threat to America.

Now the real threat is the leftist, morally corrupt politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, who continue this charade by promoting fear, and their vision of a “new normal.”

While we all can say we are living normal, and nothing has changed, we must see the bigger picture, and the reality is we aren’t living the way we used to. We are not back to normal, and I fear we never will be again.

Normal isn’t going to a grocery store that dictates your movements with arrows.

Normal isn’t businesses insisting a mask be worn to enter their premises.

Normal isn’t sports events without spectators.

Normal isn’t demanding schools follow alarming protocols in order to reopen.

Normal isn’t commercial after commercial promoting you’re safer at home.

Normal isn’t major retail stores closing due to bankruptcies.

Normal isn’t millions on unemployment.

Normal isn’t the federal government issuing bail outs to its citizens.

Normal isn’t using executive orders to arrest those not complying with them.

Normal isn’t churches not being open.

This is not “our” normal. What I fear is the division their vision for the new normal is causing. It no longer is about Democrats vs Republicans, it’s about who is wearing a mask or not,  and who is obeying the rules or not   No, there is nothing normal about today. The only thing left to do is unite, prepare and pray.