Psalm 109: 1-20 Epitome of Evil! 

Question of the Day: What was King David’s description of an evil person who hounded him?

Those who have read the Scriptures are aware of the “imprecatory psalms” of King David. This psalm sounds like one of them, but to us in the church era those words sound harsh because Jesus taught us to love our enemies and to pray for them. David’s enemies were constantly hounding him from the day that he slew the giant, Goliath, to the day he died as king of Israel. The question we must ask ourselves is this: who are out enemies? Do we know who they are? Will God not eventually wipe them out? And when should we pray that God will take care of our enemies and keep them at bay in our lives.

Here are the words that David used to describe his feelings about his enemies: he said, “Set against them a wicked person, and let someone accuse him constantly. When he goes to trial, let him come out with a guilty verdict, and let his prayers be counted by You as sin! May his days be few and may someone else replace him. May his children end up fatherless and may his wife be a widow! May his children end up wandering down the streets and begging and scrounging around for food in the dump where they live!

“May the bank come and seize everything he has, and may people he doesn’t know plunder whatever he has managed to save! May no one extend kindness to him, and may no one show pity to his orphans. May his children and grandchildren be shunned by everyone, and may people in the next generation not even know that he existed! May he bear the results of gross injustice of his forefathers which are not forgotten by the LORD, and don’t let his mother’s sin be forgiven! Let those sins come up continually before the LORD, and may his life be quickly forgotten.

“And why should my enemies be treated like this? Because they did not remember to show kindness to others, but took advantage of the poor and needy, and those who were brokenhearted, they put to death! He loved to curse people, so let curses be on him! He refused to bless others, and may no blessings come on him! He cursed others casually like he was putting on a coat, but may it be like having one’s coat soaked with water or like being bathed with oil that sticks to everything! May the curses be like a coat wrapped around him and like a belt that he puts on every day!”

One wonders what scathing words are spoken every day against believers. We are “like sheep going to slaughter” and are the offscouring of the world. Since they cannot get their hands, so to speak, on the neck of God and wring it, they come after, first of all, Christians, God’s holy children, and for centuries earlier they came after the righteous and after God’s chosen people, the Jews and His nation, Israel. So is it right for believers to see their enemies for what they are and pray against the foes of darkness that would swallow us up?

And how can a believer praise God in the midst of this scornful scathing put down of believers? Yes! We know that He will one day completely wipe out the wicked and that they wicked who have rejected Jesus Christ as their Savior will spend forever in “the lake of fire”. One day, when we are on the other side of the judgment of God on mankind, we will be able to look back and say, “Justice was done! All evil has been eliminated! We have been totally exonerated! We can praise Him unhindered for all of eternity! We thank Him!”

Prayer: O God, give us patience, like the patience that You have displayed for centuries toward the wicked in this world. You are longsuffering; we see things short-term and want them destroyed now! Help us to see things from Your perspective and love and pray for our enemies. Maybe they too will come to know the truth and have their lives transformed by Your power—just like ours were!

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