Now, we know that the Biden family has received millions of dollars from Communist Chinese sources and from Russian sources.  Hunter Biden and other close relatives of Joe Biden took the money.

The wife of the Mayor of Moscow gave Hunter Biden at least three million dollars.  I wonder if the mayor’s wife was just acting as an agent for Vladimir Putin.  He is a billionaire.

Is it possible that the Biden’s got that money from Russia (and maybe more money from Russia) to persuade Joe Biden to block giving serious weapons like rockets, missiles, and Polish Mig jets to Ukraine?  If Ukraine had those weapons, it could target Moscow, the Kremlin, Russian Air Force bases, Russian missile launching sites, Russian Navy ships, oil and gas pipelines, and any factory where helicopters, jet aircraft, tanks, or other weapons are made.  Such weapons might have saved many Ukrainian lives.

If the money from Russians to the Biden family was a pay-off to Joe Biden to not arm Ukraine with serious weapons, then Joe Biden and his family have Ukrainian blood on their hands and their wallets.

We won’t know if that is the case unless we TRACK THE MONEY.  That requires a special investigator.

Woodrow Wilcox, Dyer, Indiana