What does all this Corona virus stuff really mean?…After an announcement from Churchill Downs, it means that case of Kentucky Derby fever is gonna last about four more months!

With all due respect to those stricken, lets use our lemons to make lemonade. The Kentucky Derby is an event like no other and I applaud the people connected for trying to find a way to make it happen for the 146th consecutive year. In reality this is just a horse race, but in another scope it is bigger than we can imagine.

The magic this event brings is unbelievable. People work their entire life dreaming about a two minute trip over the Churchill Downs dirt. It represents hope, faith, hard work, and dedication. All the things that can carry this country through the crisis we currently face. Two- time Kentucky Derby winning trainer Carl Nafzger (1990, 2007) one told me one of his keys to winning the race is “never think you are bigger than the Derby”.

With those thoughts in mind, we can use the worlds greatest sporting event as inspiration. After all, sports are simply a traing ground for the real game…Life. Lets roll up our sleeves, do what we are supposed to do, and get through this.

The Kentucky Derby is now slated for September 5. The dynamics will change, but in the end it is still THE Derby which provides many of the things we all need in our life, especially these days.