Scripture Text: John 12:36b-41 Title: Belief and Healing

Question of the Day: What is it that heals all the hurts deep within the heart of man?

One of the things that renders a person ineffective are the deep hurt feelings that we experience down in our hearts: harsh words from others wound our spirit; the chains of our own sin bind us and leaves us tied up; we don’t understand the future events—even in our own lives—and we feel helpless against the unknown; many have been verbally abused or sexually abused, and the abuse leaves deep scars that it seems will never go away; and it is these deep inner hurts that hinder us from being all that God intended us to be. So what should we do when life seems to have us hemmed in and tied in knots?

Here is today’s text: “Jesus spoke these words and then left and went into hiding. Even though He had done so many miracles while they watched, yet they didn’t put their complete faith and trust in Him. This too fulfilled what Isaiah the prophet meant when he said, ‘Lord, who has believed the report we gave about You? And to whom has the strong arm of the Lord God been revealed?’ It seems that those people could not believe because as Isaiah later said, ‘He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts so that they can’t see with their eyes or understand with their heart so that they can be converted and then I could heal them.’ Isaiah said these things when He saw the glory of God and spoke about Him.”

We have all heard a great many sermons on faith because it is so essential to our lives and our walk with God. We often wonder how different our lives would be if we lived by faith as the Word encourages us to live. In today’s text Jesus had just encouraged the people questioning Him to walk in the light while it is still daylight. It sure beats walking in darkness. But then Jesus walked away and went into hiding. What did He do that for? They needed Him to keep doing all that He had done for them in teaching them, healing them, casting out demonic spirits, feeding the crowds and raising the dead (earlier in this chapter Lazarus had come back from death).

John went on to comment on how hard the hearts of the people still were after all that they had witnessed. He asked the rhetorical question, “Does anyone believe the words He just spoke?” If they really believed, they wouldn’t have pursued and crucified our Lord. But why didn’t they believe? Why don’t we believe fully in the words, the power, and the presence of our Lord? John went on to explain why from the words of the prophet Isaiah: “They can’t believe because their eyes have been blinded and their hearts hardened.” Our unbelief in the fact that our Lord cancelled the debt of sin on our behalf and broke the power of sin in our lives leaves us paralyzed and unable to live in the freedom made available to us.

John then went on to explain that when a person acts and lives in faith in what Jesus Christ did for us, then that person is “converted”, that is their lives are forever “turned around” from going away from God into sin and into healing and freedom. This is when our eyes are opened and our hearts understand. Before salvation we were walking around in the dark, but now the light has come and is now shining in our hearts; we were walking away from God, now we embrace Him; we were deeply wounded by our sins, by other’s words and actions, by the trials and tribulations we go through, but it is our faith that leads our way back to restoration and health—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is through our strong faith in a great and powerful God that we healed, and that is why our God brings us through deep trials and hurts that increase our faith in Him. He pries our death grip on this world and this life, and gives us something far better—eternal perspective and eternal life with Him forever!

Prayer: Lord, keep my on the path to a growing faith—even if it means more trials and tribulations, and teach us to avoid many of them by placing our faith in You and in You alone to sustain us. Thank You for healing and for restoration and for opening our eyes and for turning us from darkness to light so that the healing can take place. We fully trust You in everything You do in our lives and every way that You lead us as we walk with You. Amen!