June 16, 2020


Nigel Farage just lost his radio show after comparing the Black Lives Matter to the Taliban. The Main Stream Media is more concerned with political correctness than they are with honest coverage of the torching and pillaging of our proud history by domestic terrorists.

At the New York Times, editor James Bennett was forced to resign after publishing an even handed article from sitting Senator Tom Cotton. They’re more concerned with silencing dissent than with the murder of fine, good and decent police officers, such as retired Captain David Dorn and others, or the hostile and violent takeover and destruction of American cities.

Stan Wischnowski of the Philadelphia Inquirer also resigned, after his employer, the Philadelphia Inquirer, tool exception with his headline “Buildings Matter, Too,” and the accompanying story that addressed the destruction perpetrated by the Communists and Anarchists — those “peaceful protesters” — rioting in his home city. Flippancy toward the radicals of America is more offensive to the owners of the media than the mayhem and pandemonium that has exposed the hoax of the quarantine and national lockdowns and exacerbated the cruel economic effects of those lockdowns.

In a nation that has long supposedly cherished freedom and liberty and equality under the law based on fundamental Truths and God-Given Rights, the American people are regularly assailed by a mainstream media filled with lies that is complicit with America’s Leftists, the Radicals, and their plans to destroy all we — the God-fearing, God-loving, American Patriots — hold so dear and love so well. And that is why The Rutherford Reader is currently one of the most important voices in the country right now at this very moment in time.

The Reader’s status as a Family Owned and Operated media outlet provides this region with Truth that is seldom found today in the mainstream media, and I pray for all of her fine and outstanding journalists and commentators, in the hopes that they will remain a unified unflinching voice for the preservation of freedom and liberty and Our American heritage, for many years to come. I do not know them all personally, but I know the stuff they are made of and I recognize their strength of character, integrity and honor. And so, I believe I can say that on the whole, as we fight to save our country, We Will Never Kneel.

Justin O Smith Murfreesboro, TN