by David Virts

Scripture Text: Revelation 12:7-13 Title: Satan Thrown Out! [Or better: “Thrown Down”]

Question of the Day: What happens in heaven and on earth when the dragon is thrown out of heaven?

As believer we are well aware of what the devil is doing and trying to do here on earth—and we are much of his target. In the Garden of Eden he came to deceive and to get man to join his rebellion against God, and nothing has changed for 6000+ years! His desire is to deceive us, to get us to divide, to destroy each other, to discourage us, and to get us to turn on God and curse Him to His face. Really? Isn’t that what he tried to do with Job? He will use any means to get us to curse God. He knows that he has a great advantage over us because he has been in the tricking and deceiving business for all these years, and we are young and inexperienced. In fact, if it weren’t for the information that we have received from our forefather and especially those who wrote the Scriptures, we would be duped into following him and joining the masses that rebel against God.

When Satan, known then as Lucifer, rebelled against God, he was immediately banned from the presence of the LORD in His temple. No evil can come into His immediate presence. Yet we have several accounts of his coming before God and bringing accusations against God’s children and trying to disrupt and destroy the nation of Israel. So where and when does all of the devil’s activities in heaven end? Has he ceased to have access to the God and get permission to come after His holy children?

Here is today’s text: “And a war broke out in heaven between Michael, a super angel and his angels, and the dragon and his angels, but they didn’t win this war. The great dragon was thrown out of heaven—that old serpent which is called the Devil, and Satan, the Adversary, who had been the master deceiver—deceiving the whole world. He and his angels were thrown out of heaven, and then I heard a voice saying, ‘Now has final deliverance come, showing awesome strength as the kingdom of God and the power of His Messiah has been demonstrated: The “accuser of believers” has been cast out of heaven—no more access to God’s throne for this one who accuses believers continually day and night to God. How did they overcome this dragon? They did it by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony of God’s power in their lives—and they didn’t think anything of their earthly life—they were willing to lay it down in death whenever necessary. So rejoice, all who are in heaven and all who live there. But woe to those who are on earth and those creatures who live in the sea! Many horrible things are yet coming on those who are left on earth and those creatures who live in the oceans! The devil is coming down to you, and he is violently ticked off because he knows that he has very little time left.’”

One of the great surprises to a believer who has died and is in heaven with our Lord is this: the devil and his minions are there too! What a shock! But at this juncture we find the end to all of this. The two witnesses have just completed their work; the 144,000 are still spreading the gospel to the whole world and many are being saved during the tribulation; the edict has been passed down from the throne that the time has come for a major change to take place and the Son will now begin to wrest the power away from the dragon and the nations of the world and reign; the devil will create as much havoc as he can in his last days on earth; he will be locked up in the abyss for 1000 years; he will be loosed for a “short time” just before he is judged and banished forever in the Lake of Fire. What a big relief it will be when he is thrown out of heaven, judged, and banished forever!

Prayer: O God, we don’t understand all the reasons why You created angels that could rebel against You and try to trick and deceive us to follow in his rebellion. Yet we look forward with great anticipation to the day when his final doom is finished and completed! We trust You to keep Him at bay for our sake! Amen!

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