Scripture Text: Psalm 147:6 

Question of the Day: When we are deeply in trouble, what is God looking for in us so He can lift us up?

David Virts

When we are overwhelmed by earthly problems, we often wonder what God wants to do in us before He comes to our rescue and restores us. There are several things that He is looking for including He wants to strengthen our faith; He wants to make us stronger as we learn to look to Him; and sometimes He wants to correct us in love so that we are walking in His ways. The Psalmist hit on one more thing in this verse that can help us understand one more thing He is doing.

Here is today’s text: Psalm 147:6: “The LORD will lift up those who are meek; but those who are cold and unresponsive and wicked He will throw down to the ground.” Let’s focus on the fact that He will lift up the meek. Why would He specifically “lift up” only those who are meek? First, let’s look briefly at meekness. God has given to each believer a massive amount of power available to him, and it is in using that power to accomplish His plan and purposes, and we must very careful not to beat up on people or to use that power selfishly to gain advantage over others.

For example, the Bible teaches us that there is great power in the use of the tongue. In fact, death and life are in the power of the tongue. One believer can mortally wound another believer with the misuse of the tongue. We can ask God for the use of His power to get done what we want to get done, and for the good of the whole body or to accomplish His plan and purpose for the church as a whole. Misuse of power and authority is a big problem that many Christians face, and meekness is clearly defined as “power with restraint”. Jesus is the primere example of that: He had the power to straighten out kings and religious leaders and all the judges of His day, but He restrained that power to demonstrate God’s great love and die for the sins of the world.

So for us to use the power of God that is available to us by faith through prayer and though the power of a godly life for our personal gain is sin before God; but to restrain it is meekness—highly cherished in God’s sight, and He will, according to this verse, reach down and lift us up when we have learned it. It is patently obvious that God’s blessings do not flow to and through many of us because of many reasons, and this is one that is glaring in our day and time. Let’s learn to use the power of God available to us to accomplish His plan and purposes in spreading the gospel and building up other believers so that His rich blessings can flow unhindered through us.

Prayer: Lord, teach all of us to exemplify meekness like You taught us while You were here on earth. Our sinful hearts want to run over each other for personal gain, yet You have commanded us to be meek and use the power You gave us to build up fellow believers and reach the lost. We desperately need to be lifted up by You—and we come with a meek and gentle spirit. Amen!