Scripture Text: Psalm 146:5-7 

Question of the Day: On whom do the rich blessings of God come to?

David Virts

As a believer walks with God, it becomes evident very soon after salvation that they need God’s blessings on their lives. Then a believer learns that God has a vast supply of grace and power and blessings to fill every need and every desire He lays on their hearts. Then He gives each of us a task to perform that will need a maximum outpouring of His grace, power, and blessing to accomplish the task. So now the question: on whom does He pour out those rich blessings?

Today’s text give us part of the answer: “God’s rich blessings are on the person who has learned to rely totally on the God of Jacob for his help, and on the person who has his hope totally in the LORD his God. This can only be because He is the One who made heaven and earth, the oceans of the world and all that is in them, and He is faithful to the truth of His Word forever. He also executes justice for those who are oppressed and beaten up by life, and He provides food to those who are hungry.”

The main problem we have is that God has created us with a lot of man-type ability, and we believe that we can handle anything that comes our way. The second problem we have is that we pin our hopes on what we can see and attain in this life. Let’s look at each of these problems and how God answers each one:

One thing that many American’s have as part of the “American spirit” is the feeling that we are self-reliant. As one little child mispronounced it while learning to tie his shoes said, “I want to do it myselfs!” We would like to think that we can handle life on our own. Obviously this is an outworking of the pride in the heart of every person on earth. Even though God created the world and the environment in which we live; and though He made us in His image; and since He is the only One who is ultimately self-sufficient, yet since sin entered the world, our sinful human nature decided to live without a thought of God, so we mistakenly think that we can do it ourselves.

Further, man’s heart is so rebellious against God because he doesn’t want anyone ruling over him and telling him what to do; but that is the essence of who God is and what He does. He rules over all of His creation and desires all of us to learn to lean fully on Him for every facet of our lives. When we do that we get the focus of our lives off ourselves and onto Him—the eternal God.

That brings us to the second problem: one of keeping the focus of our lives on things temporal instead of on the eternal. God is determined to take each of us through the most difficult things in life to teach us two things: that we can’t do it ourselves—it is far beyond us to take care of ourselves, and then to look to Him for everything that we need. To do that we must lift our eyes up to Him in faith and see the eternal, the “forever purpose” that He created us for. He wants to teach us that this world is not our home, so He gives us trials and tribulations and a body that is decaying and dying so that we will look to Him for eternal life; He puts us in situations where our only hope is in Him, so then we lift our eyes off the temporal and fix our hope fully on the eternal.

One primere example of this is in the life of Abraham. God called him to leave his home town and become a nomad, traveling from place to place. This meant he had to live totally by faith—which was not new to men and women of God, but the ultimate test of faith would come to him after he was 100 years old—which was to take his son and sacrifice him on Mount Moriah. The write of the Hebrews 11:10 says, “For Abraham looked forward to living in a city that had eternal foundations, and whose Founder and Designer is God.” God’s ultimate test of faith for him helped him get his eyes off the temporal—the promised son that walked beside him—and onto that eternal city.

It is on people like this on whom God wants to pour out His richest blessings. They have learned to let loose of the things, the desires, and the ambitions of the rest of the world, and focus instead on the eternal. One of the key ways a believer can do this is to learn to worship God—who is all around us, but we will never “see Him” until we get into heaven and worship Him fully without all the trappings of this life. When we accomplish that, it is then that we have begun to tear our wicked selfish hearts away from the temporal, and onto the eternal. The psalmist went on to tell us about who God is and what He will do for each of His children. When our help and our hope is fully in Him, He then takes care of every detail of our lives. Who would want to live any other way?

Prayer: O God, we are aware of the downward pull of our sinful hearts, yet You have set us free from the sin and death that pulls us downward, and taught us to live by faith by having us look up to You as You supply every need, every God-given desire of our hearts. Thank You so much for the life of faith that we must all live if we are to walk with You every step of the way in this life, and then lift our eyes up to Your eternal throne—the one place where everything in the universe is centered around. We desire to let loose of this life and look up. Amen!