Scripture Text: Psalm 113

Question of the Day: What significance does God place on the position of mothers in our lives?

David Virts

In many cases throughout the historical section of the Scriptures, the father of the child is mentioned, and that relationship is significant in the development and success of that child. But what significance does God place on mothers? How many mothers are mentioned in Scripture? Let’s see, from Cain and Abel’s mom to Isaac and Jacob and Joseph and Moses’ mom and… the list goes on and on. We know of the mother of Samson, and Solomon and nearly every king of Israel, so the role of a mother is quite significant in many lives. In the New Testament we know of Jesus’ mother and the mother of several of the disciples, and the list goes on.

So what does this psalm teach us about mothers? Here are the words of the psalm, and when you follow the words all the way down, wait till you get to the last verse: “Praise the LORD! All believers who are His servants here on earth, give praise, yes, give praise to the name of the LORD! The name of the LORD is full of rich blessings, and will be from this day forward forever. From one horizon to another as the sun runs its course every day and in every place on earth the name of the LORD is to be praised by all!

“The LORD is to be exalted high above all the nations of the world and His glory towers over the whole universe! Who is like the LORD, the God that we worship? He is firmly enthroned high above all else and He looks down on the earth. It is He who raises the poor man out of the trash heap and meets the needs of the needy who are in the dumps of despair. He makes them sit with the highest rulers of His people. He gives the woman who is barren a home and makes her the joyful mother of children. Hallelujah! Praise the LORD!”

After exalting the LORD in praise and showing us of His high position as we make Him known to a lost and dying world, the psalmist teaches us what the LORD, the God over the whole earth, does for man: In verse 8 we are told that He raises up those of us who are poor, and He reaches all the way down to the dust—where we are—to do it. In verse 8 we are also told, and He lifts the needy from the ash heap. In verse 9 we are told and He raises up the poor and needy and makes them sit with princes. How many times has the LORD taken one of His servants and put them in high influential positions here on earth? For example: Moses, Joseph, David, Jeremiah, Jesus, and all of His disciples. God majors in taking that which the world deems as “not important” or poor or needy and does a very significant work with them for His plan and His purposes. In verse 9 we are also told that it is He who also gives a woman who is barren a home and makes here the joyful mother of children—so that she too has a fulfilling life. Who raised each of those great people whom the world has deemed as “insignificant” and made them into the man or woman of God? It is fascinating how a great series of kings or people who think that they are raising a child prodigy are raised by a mother who lived in the shadows, we probably don’t even know her name, and we may even know the name of that important person’s wife, but we hear very little about their mother—the very one who shaped and molded their life? For example, look at all of the kings of Israel and Judah—good and bad—and see how many of them it is mentioned who their mother was!

“HALLELUJAH! and PRAISE THE LORD!” Those are the words that close this psalm, and as we see how the LORD raises up those who are the castaways of society, the downtrodden, the least significant person and sets them on high and makes them “great” in the eyes of the world, all we can say is “Praise the LORD!”

Prayer: O God, thank You for seeing all the way to the bottom of the barrel and picking out me to be one of Your special children by saving me by Your grace. Lord, bless the women that you have specially chosen to be mothers—and thank You for giving me a godly mother who helped shape and mold my life to be a man who loves God. Amen!

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