Scripture Text: Zephaniah 3:8

Question of the Day: What are we waiting for? What is God waiting for?

David Virts

Believers have been impatient for years because we are waiting for God to come and clean up the mess that is in this world. We are instructed not to want it to come with glee because we will be so glad when God comes and wipes out the wickedness in our world; but isn’t that what He has said that He will do? So, what are we supposed to do while we wait for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ? Of course we have a job to do, but what must our attitude be as we “occupy until I return” as our Lord told us to do?

Today’s text gives us a state of mind that we must have as we serve our Lord: “‘So wait on Me,’ says the LORD, ‘until the day that I rise up to destroy them. I have determined to gather all nations and assemble all the armies of the world so that I can pour out My wrath that is boiling over and My fierce anger; all the earth will be devoured with the fire of My jealousy.’” In this verse it is evident that He is speaking of the time period that is coming soon of the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. And how and why is He coming? He has made it clear that He will begin to clean up the mess in this world by gathering all the armies of the world together and deal with them, and when that great Battle of Armageddon is over, “then the nations of the world will know and fully recognize that I am the LORD.”

So we return to our question: aren’t we waiting for that event? So what is God waiting for? Why hasn’t He done it some time ago? In today’s text He instructs us to “wait on Me”. This involves two major things: Wait for His longsuffering. Wait for His perfect timing to judge the world. Wait because He is waiting for more people to respond before His judgment falls.

The LORD says here and in Revelation 19:11-21 that the following events will take place: 1. We are instructed to wait for the LORD. It is He who decides when and where and how He will come to judge the armies and the nations of the world. 2. It is a time for the LORD to “seize the prey”. At this time He will thoroughly judge all nations at one time and they will become the “prey” that He will seize. 3. His decision is to gather all the “nations and kingdoms” together. 4. The description of the battle in Revelation informs us that the One sitting on the white horse that comes to judge all the nations of the world and their armies, His name is called “Faithful and True”. 5. It is a time when He will pour out His indignation and all of His burning anger and the “fire of His jealousy” on the wicked nations of the world as the LORD consumes them. These nations gathered will represent all the nations of the world and all of the nations that have ever existed. It will be a thorough wipe out by the LORD as His anger and wrath is finally justified with all of the rebellion on earth. 6. Jesus Christ, One who is the Faithful and True, will come and judge—by means of war—in righteousness. 7. He eyes are like flaming torches of fire, on His head will be many crowns, and He will have on Him a name that is known only to Him. 8. His robe will be sprinkled with blood. 9. The name by which He will be known is “The Word of God”. 10. The armies of heaven will follow behind Him, all dressed in the finest white linen and they too will be on white horses. 11. Out of His mouth will come a sharp sword with which He will smite and destroy the nations of the world, and then He will rule them with a rod of iron. 12. He will unleash the fury of the wrath of God Almighty. 13. On His robe and on His thigh will be the name written, “King of kings, and Lord of lords.” 14. All the carrion birds will gather to eat the flesh of the armies of the nations—the kings will be there, the commanders of the armies, the mighty elite soldiers, their horses and riders, and all men of every social-economic stratus. 15. The beast (the anti-christ), the kings of the earth and their armies will have gathered, and they will all be captured, and the beast and the blasphemous false prophet will be the first to be cast into “the Lake of Fire that burns with sulfur.” 16. All the rest of the troops will be slain and the vulture birds of the earth will be gorged with their flesh.

The bottom line is this: that is what we are waiting for. We would like the judgment to be over with so that we can enjoy the rich blessings of eternal bliss with our Savior and our Lord forever, but for now we must wait. He will act when He is ready, and in the meantime, the gospel is being preached to the ends of the earth and souls are being saved from eternal damnation.

Prayer: Lord, we must learn to wait on You to come and destroy all the evil forces of the world. It breaks our hearts—as it must break Your heart also—to see wickedness reign when righteousness could be dominating our world, but then we would never fully understand Your holiness and Your righteousness unless we lived through the wickedness that is in our hearts and in our world. But we do wait on You… Amen!