Scripture Text: Psalm 110 Title: “Sit,” Until When?

Question of the Day: When will Jesus Christ finally take over His creation and reign over it?

One of the hardest things in all of life to do is to “wait until”; we wait until we are old enough to go to school and tie our shoes and read; we wait until we get up there in school with the “bigger kids” and to play football and drive; we have to wait until it is the right time to get married and have a family of our own; and so on through life. What value is there in waiting? What happens when we get impatient and demand something long before we are ready to receive it, use it properly, and fully appreciate the gift?

In this world believers have known since the first couple inhabited the world that one day things would have to change; their world would have to be ruled by a Man who would rule it in perfect righteousness and overthrow both the failed efforts and the sin of mankind and also defeat and destroy the forces of evil that is the devil and his demonic spirits. It is this time period that the psalmist David speaks of in a prophetic way in this psalm. Here is a paraphrase of text: “The LORD says to my Lord, ‘Sit here at My right hand until I make all Your enemies bow in defeat at Your feet.’ The LORD sends forth from Zion the conquering power of Your scepter so that You can rule over Your enemies! Your people will offer themselves freely to You in the day that You take power. They will come clothed in holy garments just as if they had been born recently out of the womb of the morning with the dew of the newborn on them. The LORD has stated this and will never change His mind: ‘You are a priest forever with the same authority and mystic that Melchizedek came.’

“The Lord is at Your right hand and He will shatter kings in the day when His wrath is poured out. He will execute absolute judgment and justice in all the nations of the world, and when He does; their nations will be filled with corpses. He will shatter their rulers and bureaucrats worldwide. He will drink from the brooks along the way and therefore He will be ultimately and overwhelmingly successful.”

Here the “Lord” (Jesus Christ) is told by the “LORD” (Almighty God) to sit at His right hand until the time comes when He will come forth to conquer the whole world and subdue all His enemies. Right in the middle of the psalm where we are told of this great Conqueror who is coming, we are told in verse 4 about the great high priestly ministry that belongs to Jesus. Why this interruption of thought? Actually the truth is this: for Jesus to come and conquer the whole world, He first had to come and conquer the biggest enemies of mankind—sin and death. He had to come as our Redeemer first and take care of the sin question and then die Himself and conquer death, and then He was rightly qualified to come as a reigning Conqueror over His creation.

So what is our reigning Conqueror waiting for? He has been instructed by the wise plan of God the Father to “sit here at My right hand until the time comes for You to be revealed as the coming conqueror.” This is unveiled fully in the book of Revelation (and other prophecies) where Jesus Christ will be unveiled to this world as “The Final Judge” when He takes care of all of the injustices that have plagued this world since the beginning of time, and then He will come forth to be unveiled to mankind and to all the angelic hosts as “The King of kings and Lord of lords”. When will that happen? It will happen as soon as the command from God the Father is issued for Him to be unveiled to a world that hates Him and us and would destroy both if they could—but they can’t! And won’t! But for now we must wait until…

Prayer: O God, we submit ourselves to Your sovereign control over the whole universe. The day will come when Your holy character will be fully manifested to all and when You give the order to Your Son to “go forth conquering and to conquer”. Until then we need to get hold of and fully understand Your great love, grace, and Your longsuffering attitude toward wayward man—not willing that any of them should perish, but that all should come to repentance. And so we wait until… Amen

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