The White House slammed Hillary Clinton for her criticism of First Lady Melania Trumps anti-cyberbullying ‘Be Bestprogram.

During an interview with Bravo last week, the former Secretary of State mocked Mrs. Trump for launching a childrens wellness campaign oft-criticized due to her husbands own behavior on social media.

“I think she should look closer to home,” Clinton remarked.

White House Response

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham replied to Mrs. Clintons assertion in exclusive comments to the Daily Caller.

“She of all people should refrain from doling out relationship advice,” Grisham pushed back. “Her bitterness and envy were on full display.”

Her bitterness and envy have been on display for about four years now.

Melania Leads By Example

While the White House and President are more than willing to engage in back and forth with bitter political enemies, Melania prefers to lead by example using grace and class.