by Law Officer

Politics and policing have gone hand in hand for most of its existence. Enough is enough. I am sick and tired of emotions controlling the narrative in policing. All data and facts have consistently debunked the idea of both systemic police misconduct and systemic racism. However, the Black Lives Matter movement, and social left, has created fear in truth speakers by calling people things such as racist, homophobic, or xenophobic when they disagree. It pains me to watch, because they are making millions of dollars by holding down the very communities they claim to protect. Politicians have been allowing this to happen for too long and it is now time for someone to stand up and simply say, “No, you’re wrong. We will do absolutely nothing you request, because we are doing things the right way.”


Evil is ugly. An adult molesting a 9-year-old child and then forcing them to masturbate on camera is ugly. Repeated domestic violence calls where significant others are beating, strangling, and killing victims are ugly. A mother stabbing her 11-year-old child 80 times is ugly. A father being murdered in front of his wife and daughters, because he refused to let the suspect rape his children in front of him, is ugly. People breaking into a house in the middle of the night and shooting at the homeowner is ugly. Being robbed at gun point is ugly. A shooting victim who was holding their infant child while they were shot is ugly. Homicides are ugly. Listening to victims tell the details of how they were raped is ugly. Business owners being too scared to go outside their businesses, because of drug dealers and other violence in high crime areas is ugly. When most people see evil, and how ugly it is, they choose to record it on their cell phones in hopes of going viral on social media. Police officers choose to confront that evil.


Evil is ugly. This naturally makes police work ugly. Dead adults and dead children are ugly. Arrestees who have puked, defecated, or urinated on themselves are ugly. Standing with family members and telling them not to retaliate when they just found out their child was raped is ugly. Applying first aid to trauma victims is ugly. Police work is ugly. Do you know what is worse than the ugliness of policing? The trauma of being raped as a child, the trauma of being robbed, or burglarized, and not feeling safe in your own home, the trauma of being shot, the trauma of going to work, the trauma of being a victim to all types of evil in society. Despite the ugliness of the streets, Community Policing is often thought of as “pretty”: reading with children, having amnesty days for those with outstanding charges, coffee with a cop, etc. Real community policing is aggressively fighting the evil that lurks in our society and preys on the weak. Real community policing is getting drug dealers, trigger pullers, robbers, burglars, rapists, larcenists, and all other types of evil off the streets. Unfortunately, real community policing is happening less and less because departments nationwide are throwing their officers under the bus at the request of delusional citizens.


Evil is ugly. This means fighting evil is ugly. Those who commit the evil acts like those listed above are inherently evil. Evil people know that they will be punished and do not just walk up to police officers and turn themselves in. Resistance leads to use of force; use of force is ugly. Physically fighting in the middle of the street is ugly. Tasing someone is ugly. OC Spray is ugly. K9 bites are ugly. Chasing armed robbery suspects on foot is ugly. Vehicle pursuits are ugly. Being shot at is ugly. Having objects thrown at you is ugly. Having people yell at you, while trying to focus on the immediate threat, is ugly. Knowing you might have to sacrifice your safety by not using force, for the safety of innocent bystanders, is ugly. God forbid, using deadly force is ugly. Despite the ugliness of the evil they are fighting, a police officer has a duty to viciously and aggressively hunt down the evil in their community.


Evil is ugly. Police Officers volunteer to fight evil, because no one else will. Police officers are constantly thinking through each action they take as a situation rapidly unfolds right in front of them. Police officers owe a duty to many people when they make these rapid decisions: citizens and other officers (safety), their department (policy), their jurisdiction (statutes), and the suspect (constitutional violations). Due to the ugliness of the situation, combined with the split second decision making, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that all use of force situations in question will be based on a “reasonable Officer’s” actions with the information that was available at the time. Not a “reasonable civilian’s” actions and not with 20/20 hindsight. Police work is ugly and if you don’t do the job and are not trained in the ugliness of it, and the case law regarding it, you will never understand the decisions being made on the ground. In fact, officers use force significantly less than they should, simply because they fear the repercussions of the public perception and the many self-proclaimed social media “warriors.” It is time for police departments nationwide to quit catering to those who are not trained in the ugliness of policing and defend their officers.

Wake up! Your heroes aren’t the people who are posting lies to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Your actual heroes are very literally being killed in the streets fighting evil. Very few people are even aware that 97 Police Officers have been killed in the Line of Duty from January 1, 2020 to June 7, 2020.

The only thing uglier than Policing in 2020 is the blind, emotionally charged, support of the domestic terrorist group Black Lives Matter by millions of citizens, celebrities, businesses, and politicians.

The only injustice in modern society is the lack of a leader willing to stand up and speak this verifiable truth: “Police are good.” Who will be that leader?

With urgency.