In 2017, while on the campaign trail, I heard Mr. Lee was quoted by a Nashville newspaper as saying, “I don’t plan on washing history away just because some don’t like it.”

We who like history believe in preserving it, and believe its truth should be taught, I thought he was “the man for the job.”

However, once elected, he certainly appears to have taken off his Republican suit and put on his Democrat suit. His vicious assault on native Tennessean General Nathan B. Forrest is vivid evidence.

Governor Lee seems to have joined forced with the Democrats, liberals, progressives, globalists, and socialists (DLPGS) in an effort to rid the General’s home state of every remembrance and memory of him.

One of his latest strategic maneuvers was to persuade the legislature to allow him (Lee) to violate state law. The law reads (from page 688 of the 2019-2020 edition of the Tennessee Blue Book) “Pursuant to the provisions of Tenn Code Ann. Title 4, Chapter 1, Part 4 and Title 15, Chapter 2, Part 1, each year it shall be the duty of the Governor to proclaim the following as days of special observance.”

One of those days is July 13, General Forrest’s birthday.

The House of Representatives (they don’t represent following the law) voted 91 to 3 to allow the Governor not to sign the proclamation and the Senate approved it 22 to 6.

How about that from our elected lawmakers?

That law has been followed by Democrat and Republican Governors for about 50 years. If anyone should set the example of following the law, it should be the Governor! And now the Capitol Commission (DLPGS members appointed by the Governor) has voted 9 to 2 to remove the General’s bust from his position in the capitol. All General Forrest did was rise in rank from Private to General and fought his best, without West Point training, to protect Tennessee, her people, their families, homes, and farms from Northern invasion. And out political leaders want to throw him under the bus.

Everything Southern is under attack.

Voters, it appears to me, Tennessee has her own swamp to drain!

D. Ware, Eads, TN