Wolfgang Puck Wife: A Comprehensive Look at the Women Behind the Culinary Icon

In 1975, Wolfgang Puck embarked on his journey of marriage with Marie France Trouillot. Little is known about their union, as they parted ways in 1980, shortly before Wolfgang’s culinary fame skyrocketed. Their marriage, initiated …

In 1975, Wolfgang Puck embarked on his journey of marriage with Marie France Trouillot. Little is known about their union, as they parted ways in 1980, shortly before Wolfgang’s culinary fame skyrocketed. Their marriage, initiated when Wolfgang first arrived in the United States, concluded before his debut cookbook hit the shelves.

Barbara Lazaroff: A Partnership in Love and Business

Barbara Lazaroff entered Wolfgang Puck’s life in 1983, becoming his second wife. Their union lasted until 2003, marking Wolfgang’s lengthiest marriage. Together, they raised Wolfgang’s eldest sons, Cameron and Byron, and played integral roles in each other’s careers.

A Collaborative Effort

While Wolfgang honed his culinary craft, Barbara excelled in interior design. Co-founding the Wolfgang Puck brand in 1979, Barbara’s influence extended beyond aesthetics, shaping the ambiance of Wolfgang’s restaurants. Her creative vision and business acumen significantly contributed to their joint success.

Beyond Marriage

Despite their divorce, Wolfgang and Barbara maintained a professional partnership, co-owning and operating numerous restaurants. Barbara’s documentary, “Wolfgang,” highlighted her enduring support and influence on Wolfgang’s ventures, showcasing their continued collaboration.

Gelila Assefa: A Creative Force by Wolfgang’s Side

In 2007, Wolfgang Puck married Gelila Assefa, his third wife. Gelila brought her own talents to the table, partnering with Wolfgang on various projects while establishing herself as a designer and philanthropist.

A Multifaceted Partner

Like Barbara, Gelila played a pivotal role in Wolfgang’s culinary empire. Serving as a partner and global creative director, Gelila’s contributions extended beyond aesthetics, encompassing business strategy and innovation.

Creative Collaboration

Gelila’s involvement in fashion and design seamlessly integrated with Wolfgang’s culinary ventures. Her work at Spago, Wolfgang’s renowned restaurant, exemplified their collaborative spirit, fusing culinary and artistic excellence.

Wolfgang Puck’s Ex-Wives: A Shared Legacy

While Gelila Assefa currently holds the title of Wolfgang Puck’s wife, his previous marriages to Marie France Trouillot and Barbara Lazaroff underscore his journey through love and partnership.

Barbara Lazaroff: The Pillar of Puck’s Empire

Puck’s second marriage to Barbara Lazaroff in 1983 marked the beginning of a partnership that would extend beyond the confines of matrimony. Lazaroff, an accomplished interior designer, co-founded the Wolfgang Puck brand and played a pivotal role in designing the ambiance of Puck’s restaurants. Their collaboration and mutual support endured even after their separation, showcasing a bond that transcended the traditional roles of husband and wife.

Gelila Assefa: A Union of Culinary and Fashion Worlds

After parting ways with Lazaroff, Puck found love again with Gelila Assefa, a fashion designer with a philanthropic spirit. Their union brought together two creative powerhouses, leading to collaborative ventures that enriched both the culinary and fashion industries. Assefa’s influence is evident in the global reach of the Wolfgang Puck brand and her dedication to charitable causes, particularly in her home country of Ethiopia.

The Art of Culinary Collaboration

The Pucks’ foray into the art world, particularly their acquisition of a piece by Alex Israel for their New York eatery, signifies their commitment to blending culinary arts with visual expression. This piece, aptly named “Chef,” embodies the essence of Wolfgang and Gelila’s partnership and their shared vision for innovation.


Wolfgang Puck’s life story is a testament to the power of love, collaboration, and relentless pursuit of excellence. His marriages have not only shaped his personal life but also played a crucial role in building his culinary empire. As Puck continues to expand his horizons, it is clear that the women in his life have been, and continue to be, his greatest source of inspiration and strength.

Wolfgang Puck’s journey through marriage reflects not only his personal life but also the intertwined narratives of creativity, partnership, and success in the culinary world. His wives, past and present, have played pivotal roles in shaping his legacy, both in the kitchen and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many times has Wolfgang Puck been married?
Wolfgang Puck has been married three times, with Marie France Trouillot, Barbara Lazaroff, and Gelila Assefa.

2. Who is Wolfgang Puck’s longest-lasting wife?
Barbara Lazaroff holds the title of Wolfgang Puck’s longest-lasting wife, with their marriage lasting from 1983 to 2003.

3. What role did Barbara Lazaroff play in Wolfgang Puck’s career?
Barbara Lazaroff was not only Wolfgang Puck’s wife but also his business partner and collaborator, contributing significantly to the success of his culinary empire.

4. What contributions did Gelila Assefa make to Wolfgang Puck’s ventures?
Gelila Assefa, Wolfgang Puck’s current wife, is a partner and global creative director in the Wolfgang Puck company, bringing her talents in design and business strategy to their collaborative projects.

5. How many children does Wolfgang Puck have?
Wolfgang Puck is a father to four sons: Cameron, Byron, Oliver, and Alexander, each from his respective marriages.

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