Antidisestablishmentarianism has for years been considered the longest word in the English language (excluding technical words). Now when you get to words of a technical nature it is beaten all hollow. For example the word which begins “Methionylthreonyl,,,,,,,,,,,,( and ends )….. isoleucine”, from beginning to end is composed of 189,819 letters. However some argue it is not actually a word.

I can guarantee that someone wishing to appear highly intelligent would lose points trying to employ either of these words as part of his or her daily conversation, (particularly the second one). So what is my point?

Loving reading and writing naturally makes a person anxious to show off the word trophies we snare and add to our repertoire. But at what point do we appear foolish rather than smart for these efforts?

It might be stretching it to say. “I’m highly perturbed and discommoded by your unseemly behavior” when it could much more simply be worded “You’re being a jerk and I’m put out.” But then again we have to go to the Urban dictionary for the meaning of “put out”. Which brings us back to “discommoded” again.

The more I think about it the more language reminds me of bicycle riding or swimming. We’re doing fine until we think about it. If we think about it we might fall off or sink.

Appreciate comments.