Dear Editor:

Well then ….. Righteous it is when You defend the Office of the President, the Executive Branch of Government, and the Republic against Obama, Hillary and all the Democratic Party agents who weaponized the Intelligence Services, the Department of Justice and the State Department in their unsuccessful soft coup against this office and President Trump.

Its a fine and righteous thing to stand for defending the borders and against Americas enemies.

Its a fine thing to safeguard U.S. trade, as necessary.

Its only natural and right to want a “great economy” for America and to work towards that end.

However …..

IF You supported President Trumps bumpstock executive order that clearly violates the 2nd Amendment, You are part of Americas problem.

If You supported HR76 and its warrantless searches of homes and businesses near DCs Metrorail and hundreds of miles and far and away from the DC Metrorail — a clear violation of the 4th Amendment — without knowing why, without fully understanding it, just because President Trump signed it, You are not putting America first and You are part of Americas problem.

If You think NSA spying on all Americans under the FISA Reauthorization Act signed by Trump, another 4th Amendment violation, that was originally intended to focus only on foreign nationals, is somehow a good thing, then You are not putting America first and You are part of the problem.

If You think the $4.8 trillion New Budget President Trump signed is good for America, without understanding the road it takes all America down and the dismal situation it will create, You are not putting America first and You are a part of the problem.

If You support the monies given to the FBI, the ATF and the DEA under Trumps New Budget for more gun control through agency regulatory acts, You are not putting America First and You are part of Americas problem.

If You support the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, just because Trump advocated, facilitated and signed it, but You dont know or understand that it is the Biggest Fiasco and mix of SOCIALIST and United Nations Anti-American mandates ever entered into an agreement and signed by a U.S. President and kills a large portion of our national sovereignty and individual liberty, You are not putting America first and You are part of Americas problem.

If You support President Donald J. Trump just because hes charismatic and has put some Democrats on the run and You like his cutting, edgy, blunt style of addressing his enemies and he gives You a good laugh or two, even as he does so many things that bring great harm to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and serve to do great damage to our Republic and America Herself, You are not putting America first and You are part of the problem.

People who put America First and Love Her Well hold all three branches of government accountable, when their actions do harm to the country and erode or suppress Freedom and Liberty and Our God Given Rights.

As a matter of fact, I have to question if people such as described past the above “However” even understand what it means to put America first; I question if such people even really love America, since one who loves America doesnt place blind loyalty to any President over America and Liberty.

Support Trump when hes right, but dont tell Yourself the lie that hes “making America great again” and dont try to sell it to me either, when so much evidence proves the contrary. Its the very sort of sycophantic ignorance and blind loyalty such as allowed Obama and the Democrats to take over 1/6th of the U.S. economy and health care, open borders and ram homosexual marriage down Americas throats, that is currently guiding too many Americans who support Trump today, and it sure as hell doesnt put America First.

So ….. Are You Really Putting America First?

Justin O. Smith

Murfreesboro, TN